The Game

The game ‘Alienation’ is a thinking movement based on the world as representation. Everything that is knowable is called representation and forms a symbolic order that is driven by an unrelenting fear of everything that falls outside the representation. What falls outside the performance we call: chaos and instability.
The world of order and repetition gives people something to hold on to during life, as long as this order is not disturbed.
Life, which is literally determined by order and expressed in conceptual thinking, is a life in which norms and values are interpreted as being inseparable. This gives rise to misunderstandings because of the diversity in cultures around the world, but it does provide an overview of one’s own environment.
Norms have become concrete values. These shaped values lose their value at the time of their designation and have then become a valueless object. You would call this the “objectification of value”.
When there is a matter of merging object and subject into one reality, there is confusion of facts with causality.

The green disk is the world we know. The world in which misfortune and happiness are experienced. The life of exclusive love with highs and lows. Life, ruled by the Ego with all the necessary conditions.
This world is represented in the game by a small green disk, which is a metaphor for fear, repetition, clarity, certainty and order.

A life without fear would be a life in which norms and values, object and subject, facts and causation would be separated from each other. That would mean that through non-identification with the ego, man could transcend dualism and live in creativity. In this non-violent world people live within the performance, but the climate of arbitrariness and chaos is experienced as a source of inspiration.
This thinking movement is referred to in the game as a double interpretation of reality and is shaped by a medium-sized blue disc.

Throughout our lives we deal with three basic metaphors:

– the knowable world as a representation in which past and future exist and is ordered by causality. Norms are subjectivated here, which creates conditions.

– the world in which time does not exist, which is actually unknowable and has only the meaning of potentiality and chaos.

– the world that does and does not exist, in which there is continuous simultaneity. Here the time is always NOW. Norms are considered here only at the object level, so that conditions do not apply.

By providing insight into these different interpretations via discs, an overview is created of how people can repeatedly drive themselves and others, limping in two minds (dualistic). However… it does not stop here…
Via the large red disc, which is a metaphor for chaos and creativity, one experiences the possibilities that fall outside the performance. After all, no representation means: no fear. No fear provides a life in which one can give one’s own meaning to the phenomena.

The discs can be placed on top of each other so that all three are visible from above. They rotate independently of each other, but on top of each other, and around one spindle.
The text on the discs and in the text booklet can be used to gain insight into one’s own life: A life that is process-based in which the goal changes into an occasion for creative thinking.