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Affirmation is merely a confirmation of something or someone that can be measured by a set standard.
The confirmation, in other words: the judgment about good and evil only tells us something about the environment, nothing about the person or action in question.

Differences are often determined by cultural relativism. For example, in England it is normal to drive on the left side of the road.
In China it is common to eat with chopsticks. The Westerner’s fork and spoon were invented much later.

In Russia it is “standard” to walk around with a fur hat because of the long harsh winters, and in America almost everyone carries a gun because it is still “wild west” there.
Obviously, deviant behaviour simply means that one norm differs from another.
From the respect for “different” the fear of “different” disappears and no confirmation is needed anymore, resulting in a creative life in which free will exists and free – own – decisions can be made.

“The lightening” of the burden imposed by concrete thought can only be perceived by itself.


When values cannot be copied, that explains everything about the diversity in people. Acceptance of diversity is acceptance of one’s own and others’ values and acceptance of chaos. Within this acceptance there is no imitation and no competition. Because of the immeasurability that arises in the individual with this acceptance, the fear of falling outside the conventional concept disappears. The individual as object is now separated from the individual as subject. This separation is an alienation from the ego. The alienation of the ego causes another causality that you could call a double interpretation of reality.
A disruptive event can lead to alienation from the concept, in which this event is experienced as negative.
Blissful moments are never disruptive; they always fall within the performance.
An alienated person is autonomous, but not lonely.


B : It’s going to be a mess, a big mess! A : It’s already a mess, a big mess!

We assume we end up in chaos and hell if we don’t follow the rules, but… how do we recognize hell, as an afterlife punishment, in which we have to deal (and have had to do with) holocaust ’40- ’45, a Vietnam war, war in Iraq, East Timor, Kosovo, Chile, Druze, Kurds, Korea and last but not least: religious disputes.

Perhaps that could mean that hell is happening here in the present, everywhere!
Bullying at school, football fans fighting to the death, sex crimes, kicking ass, neo-fascism, Catholic versus Protestant, etc.
And we live in peace and continue to judge and condemn until death follows.
We don’t realize that judgment isolates a group that reacts with physical, mental or verbal violence out of fear of the “elusive other”.
Every reaction to chaos as a fear reaction, arising from a pattern of dogmatic norms and values, leads to violence.
Every reaction to chaos, arising from a separation of norms and values, leads to unconditional love.


The painting was done!
The oil, still wet on the canvas, was the last action he had chalked over the green-black background with large green letters “Now’s the Time”.
The African-American musician, who had the score in front of him on the piano, apparently had to represent some trumpet player, who was listening to his own “band” with the instrument in hand.

The musician’s environment suggested that this was a performance in a nightclub. With a little imagination, there was a dancer to discover and the contours of the legendary alto saxophonist Charlie Parker.

“What a gloomy painting…” was one of the first reactions from the outside world to the artwork. “All those dark colors…. I like fresh light shades much more!”
The painter shrugged. “To each his own”, he grumbled and what he had always thought appeared again: “I can only judge for myself how my painting fits into my own consistent thinking! …. Actually understandable that creativity is not recognized ….”


No fear of death as a metaphor for unimaginability and creativity. It is precisely in the climate of arbitrariness and chaos that free will and an individual giving of meaning is possible.
Free will is expressed in a life in which one is always in accordance with the situation as it presents itself.