How to play it?

Alienation is a game without rules, you play it alone or with others.
Three discs of different sizes rotate around one axis, independently of each other.
They are arranged in such a way that all three are visible from above.
The top (smallest) disk is green and is, in ten steps, the representation of the construction of the ego, the institution, the company, the product, the world and the left hemisphere.
The middle disc is blue and represents the brain bar, the cooperation between the left and right hemispheres and all imaginable questions.
When the blue disc is turned, an arrow points to the keywords on the edge of the green disc when it is stationary.
Try to establish a relationship between the specified keyword and the question.
Connect question, keyword and ego structure as described in the heart of the green disk.
No recognition? Then go back one or more steps.
When you are at I. FEAR, move the thoughts to I in the red disk.
The numbers I to X in the green and red disk are constant opposites.
More extensive explanation than on the discs can be found in parts I and II of the text.

The aim of the game, based on the assumption that all action is terror, is to find the real creativity, making violence superfluous.
Target groups: the game is for everyone who confuses norm with value, and for people who are so traumatized by experiencing an unimaginable event that they no longer find recognition in the concrete world and do not realize that they already live in a world of spatial to think.

The text on the discs is the following:
(The 10 key words, which are also numbered in this booklet, are shown in a circle on both the green and red discs.)

At the heart of the green disk is written:

(I) All fear is fear of death. (II) Therefore, the judgment of time, self and others (III) Provides certainty, clarity and guidance (grip) (IV) within a subculture (V) where it is necessary to separate good from evil (distinguish ‘good’ and ‘bad’). (VI) This representation is important to form a judgment (to make up your mind) (VII) to be able to hold others accountable for behavior and mistakes (VIII) that stand in the way of the goal (IX) to obtain a good result. (X) Have I had a nice life? Yes, then go back to (I).

The green disc stands for representation, knowability, ego, institution, product, concrete thinking, world, matter (mater -> mother -> mother-earth), left hemisphere and hierarchy.

The blue disc represents the moment of objectivation, or the separation of object and subject: the brain bar (corpus callosum), all dilemmas and questions.

In addition to the ten topics, as numbered in part 2 of the manual, the red disc contains the following text:
No fear (I) provides the joy of life that (II) through acceptance of self and others (III) seems to bring about chaos and uncertainty, but where (IV) everyone is different, no (V) confirmation of (VI) is the norm possible and delivers a life of (VII) pure creativity, (VIII) without goals (IX) that is process-oriented; now death is a gradual transition, (X) welcome unconditional love, chaos and creativity.

The red disk stands for: right hemisphere, unimaginableness, chaos, no matter, creativity.