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When everything concrete is repetition and recognition, and everything knowable needs a recognition term to combine the construction of chronologically classified abstractions in order to give shape to action, then things might also go wrong in this process. Anyone who has ever been under anesthesia, hypnosis or asleep is not sure what reality he or she has entered upon awakening.
The confused mind!
When the climate changes, recognition becomes more difficult. People who visit their homeland after so many years of absence have recognition problems because of climate changes. Where people used to play on grassland, a football stadium has now been placed and the church on the corner has been transformed into a parking garage. Recognition is by repetition, so by reference. What seems to be permanently stored is constantly changing. Our memories take on a life of their own. (see DNA). When we are not regularly confronted with the place in the space that we are trying to imagine, chaos ensues. The deviation of the repetition. Uniqueness means chaos and is unknowable. This can cause anxiety. Chaos twice creates recognition and clarity, causing chaos to lose its meaning. This clarity is experienced and judged as luck or unhappiness. Acceptance of uniqueness is acceptance of chaos. Because of this acceptance, repetition and re- experience of the same is no longer necessary. Since we have the past as our only reference, we think that by representing the climate, experiences can be repeated that we have experienced as happy. The past plays an impeding role in the acceptance process of one-offs. But how can we imagine a climate when we know that it is constantly changing, and how can we imagine a climate when we know that the re-membering of the knowable is subjective and changeable?


How can a syndrome or ailment be judged on the basis of stereotyping?
All repetitive forms consist of fear of chaos. The repetition is the interpretation of the judgment about time, in order to make it clear, clear and concrete on the basis of action. Repetition is an attempt at imitation and can only fail because all is One and of all is only one. Repetitive forms are real, but only of significance in the detachment process (see: X. Incredible (inconceivable); my body is time and time is matter). When repetitive forms deviate from the usual, the repetition of the deviant is seen as stereotypical behaviour. That’s it: the diagnosis has been made! (see: Autistic?)

One beautiful spring morning, a cock meets a cow in the meadow.

Good morning, Cow.
Good morning, Cock.
Listen Cow, maybe we can be friends, I’ll tell you about myself right away!
On the farm I have a huge responsibility. At the first rays of the sun I stretch and start to cluck and crow at full throttle. The farmer then knows that he has to get up to milk your species and can then, in time, put the milk-filled cans at the side of the road so that they can be taken by the milk truck. You ‘ll understand; … without me things would be pretty messed up here!
Boy, that’s great, Cock! My life looks different. I only give milk and every now and then I get madness in my head, then I start jumping and dancing, the milk turns sour, the farmer is furious, in short … all misery!
(with a disapproving look) How strange, cow, no… I don’t think we can ever be friends…


Saturday morning John was always up early, it was his fishing morning. The invigoration of the fishing adventure far outweighed the early hour and short night.
Set up in a rain coat, wearing an oil jacket and rubber boots, John went on his bicycle to the canal.

Just sting some piers and then see if they wanted to bite…
John was not the only one at the canal this morning, apart from one or two feathered fellow fishermen, a group of six strangers sat with their rods in the water.

John was surprised to find such a large group at this hour, but unperturbed he sat down with his briefcase and fishing rod on his permanent spot.
It was all right this morning… one fish after another presented itself and in a short time a small dozen perch-like fish were thrashing about in the net, which he had attached to the quay.

While one eye kept an eye on the float, his other eye was still on the strange fishermen, who, to his surprise, hadn’t caught a plaice yet, despite the fact that the fishing club had expanded considerably.
After more than an hour of wondering how it was possible that these fishermen were unsuccessful, John decided to pay them a visit.

“Good morning,” John began when he arrived at the fishermen’s. The six sat in silence, staring at the ever-widening rings around the floats.
“May I ask how come you still haven’t caught anything?”
“Of course, you can,” replied one of the six, “but first think to yourself why your net is so full.” John thought for a moment: “I think luck,” said John.

“Just look.” One of the fishing enthusiasts picked up his rod.
“But …,” stammered John, “there is no hook at all!”
The strangers laughed a little, none of the other rods had a hook attached. “Fish that want to bite don’t need a hook,” added one of the six.
John was spinning: “Who’s crazy now? You or me?”
“Six to one,” said the first fisherman, “I should think about that!”


And then the repetition deviates from the original form so that the cell dies. If the cell would not die and the cell division would continue, a tumour would form. Because matter can only be formed by repetition, cell division continues. The tumour is a continual repetition of cell division. But I’m alive!

The deviation from the primordial form is the meaning of chaos. Chaos is not accepted and thus cancer arises. Everything that is not recognizable is called chaos. Everything known is called repetition.
A body exists by recognition and repetition. A body also exists when accepting change. This creates tension due to the fact that DNA is a constant repetition of the same thing. From the

moment cells have to age and die, the errors creep into the copy. The cells die or they take on a life of their own, resulting in a tumour.
Our body is recognition and repetition, but the climate in which we find ourselves is constantly changing. Everything concrete is repetition. Should we therefore look in inhibiting recurrence in cell division to cure cancer, or should we look in the direction of acceptance of chaos and constant change?


“Woman, I’m going to get sick of that kid with his jumping and fluttering!” As he said that, Dad drummed his fingers on the table and pressed his left big toe against the top of the nose in his shoe because it was so made a nice cracking sound.


The chicken and the egg are independent forms between which a relationship has grown. The question of which form existed first is a question that arises very clearly from the cause and effect thought. Is the chicken the cause of itself, or is the chicken the effect of itself? Like any other object or anti-matter that has become concrete, the chicken and the egg are imprinted certainties that show that our urge to explain everything within a concrete world is of no avail.

Apparently, it has to be different! But how? I am afraid of …. Different!