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It is conceivable that within concrete thinking the cognitive skills are used to strengthen the ego. This means that the people with the strongest cognitive development and capabilities are often in power and in control.
The efficiency of concrete thinking is expressed in an unparalleled urge for exclusivity, which sets the process of obscurantism in motion.

Deliberately withholding information, permitting poor or no education, and using the media to manipulate the people, are a constant occurrence.
When an unknown artist wins a prize and becomes well-known via the magazines, the market value of her or his creations has increased astronomically in one fell swoop and the sale of these has not been a problem at all.

The artist has become an institution; institution and ego are equal.
It is clear that the ego is a creation of innumerable interpretations of the outside world, and that we ourselves have come to believe in a so-called personality because we are not aware of anything other than correct symbolism. That is what is recognized. The ego does not make its own decisions, for every decision is imaginable within the concept being used.
As soon as considerations have to be made, calculations are made that can only work in a known (imaginable) environment.
It becomes clear that concrete thinking and the ego inextricably linked with it gives a life that can be real, but not creative.


The fear of being rejected by the environment leads to slavish imitation.
The description of imitation could be: imitation is the behaviour that arises from concrete thinking, in which the fear of the subculture determines the action in every moment.
Not unlike what we call instinctive behaviour in animals. An example is that sheep are stupid and parrots talk too much.

The advertising slogan of the Dutch Association Against Swearing: “don’t become a nagger” can be called somewhat laughable with these insights, but it also gives an idea of how people can get stuck in the dogmas of an institution.

It is said that no one wants war. But what is the path to take to a life without violence? If imitation causes causal violence, then a world without imitation would be creative at first – and consequently without violence.

Outside of causal thinking, man only distinguishes himself from the animal by being able to take the step towards creative and spatial thinking. She ‘actually’ wants to take this step, but does not dare to take it ‘actually’.


Our goal is to grow measurably by entering into a constant competition with others driven by a drive for exclusivity. This urge is required and stimulated by the environment in which we find ourselves.
The problems that this competition brings are enormous and dominate our entire lives.

When we reach our goal and the success we envisioned is achieved, then our problems are solved…. We think…
The material prosperity will be ours and we will be rewarded by the environment with social prestige and status…. we think…

All the accolades, awards and pats on the back encourage us to believe in the competition.
All action is to reach the top with purpose. Every party, every meeting and every leisure activity is dominated by the ego-centricity: who can I use in what way in my competition?
The competition arises from expectations, which have been prompted by the environment, but which are interpreted via the ego as one’s own motivation and inspiration.
In this world of representation and result, there is only room for highs, which cause instant lows when things go differently than expected or imagined.


We are successful! A beautiful house to live in, and appreciated by the environment for our good taste.
Beautiful children who play in the top of the sports club and make music at a high level!
Nice people in the area with similar interests, with whom we take out a subscription to a series of the Concertgebouw Orchestra every year. We follow the exhibitions in the country and also keep abreast of the latest developments.

In fact, we can’t imagine a more pleasant life than the way it has gone so far, it’s going well!
Just knock bare wood …
Yes, we are fortunate to be healthy and to have healthy children.
At the time, we did a preliminary examination during the pregnancies, so that we were sure that we would not have a child with an abnormality. You don’t want to think about that.

I hope that my children will be able to live as happy a life as we do. Of course, we have tried to pass on our standards and values to them and I think we have succeeded in doing so. None of them smoke, the middle one drinks a beer now and then, but those states you hear about with pills and stuff; we were able to keep them away from that.

The eldest has almost finished his studies and is thinking about taking over our company. A wise decision…
If he does, we will travel.
That’s what I’ve always wanted: adventure in another country and culture…


I knew I was going to die, but this is unimaginable. I never realized that in the face of death everything would change. My first step into timelessness is my first own decision and my first creative insight.
I can’t show any of this because then my whole life would have been for nothing.

Suppose the outside world declares my insights as a useless life…
No, in the years that I have left to live, I will only sharpen my views a little more, so that everyone will know that I stood and still stand for my actions and deeds.
My life consisted of imitation, but imitation is something everyone does, there is nothing to criticize about it.
What is left for me now is traveling around the world and visiting all those beautiful places, churches and palaces and getting a taste of those different cultures. We will then accompany you on an organized trip, so you don’t have to worry about accommodation and transport.
The last long journey, I only now realize that, is in any case disorganized and the accommodation is of unprecedented quality.