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Without attachment (exclusion), inclusion (detachment) cannot take place! Attachment arises with the order and structure that is understood within the subculture. We call attachment: causal discrimination that takes place in a dualistic world that we believe to be real. When we stand back from this causal discrimination, we can look objectively at this real world, in which we no longer identify ourselves with the ego. In that capacity, we have the opportunity to live an ethical life in accordance with the world as it reveals itself.

This valueless thinking movement is a double interpretation.

Rules are rules! But no more than that. However… the exception confirms the rule. The exception is one-time and is called chaos.
The exception shows that it can also be done without rules and that every moment can be an exception. The rule is: order is attachment. Attachment is: the repetition.
Double interpretation (detachment) is: separating norms and values and separating object and subject and then loving the attachment in order to lead an exceptional life. To be detached is to observe the behaviour from above through order and regularity, to understand the urge and compulsion towards it, but also to see what it does.

It is another beautiful spring morning and in the meadow a Cock and a cow meet.

– Hello Cock.
– Hello Cow.
– Shall we be friends?
– Okay, Cow…
– You seem to be an important figure on the farm, don’t you?
– You mean that crazy crowing in the morning?
– Exactly!
– It’s pure madness, I simply can’t help it, but well… the farmer thinks it’s wonderful. He says I’m the motor of the farm…, the freak!
– Ah, Cock, everyone has their quirks!
– You’re right, cow, everyone is different.
– Friends?
– Allright!