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Welcome to the website Vervreemding (Alienation)

Character is the origin of mankind. At the very moment man is projected into the world, character vanishes behind a mask of so-called virtues. These are unethical; they are conceptual values or dogma s in competition with each other. Can we change this process by responding in an ethical way? Yes we can... Looking back into the future we will find the unethical and ethical side by side. It is the ethical part of character that is the true origin of man - being there...

Secular life, how can it be achieved...?

Increasingly the Dutch government insists that citizens participate actively in their community, using what skills they have and accepting full responsibility for their family, neighbours and their surroundings.

Are these skills and qualities employable in a world in which economy has acquired a religious standard and where, evident from this model, our happiness has become synonymous with economic growth and consumerism? Does this interpretation of economic wealth and so-called happiness leads us in the opposite direction instead of: how to teach citizens to cope with problems using their own capacities and skills?

How can we be sure what is 'authentic' or 'genuine' when this reificated world is the only world we know? It seems that a government that has based its views on equating human possibilities and potentials primarily in money as related to the scarcity and necessities existing in society, considers this the only way to maintain a stable and enduring a democracy.

How can we be sure how our specific needs are related to our autonomy, when our self image is identified by our economic qualities which are valued within a certain moral standard?

Does not reification blocks the possibility to become an autonomous individual, and how fits religion into this?

Is it possible to reject these structures of decadency in order to renew our relation towards the community?

Let us take a close look at autonomy... What does autonomy mean? Freedom to act or to speech as you like... or does autonomy mean to live beyond dogma?

If autonomy exists beyond dogma, will it then be possible to ignore dogma in order to make a second interpretation of the authentic form by disconnecting the concep-tual part from the valuation?

If 'religion' literally means: connection (religare), then disconnection will split a reli-gious dogma or an ideology, by denying God as an entity. By doing so we deny the whole creation which in any case is nothing more then a first causality coming out of the blue. A moral misconception created by reification and religion because of fear for the unknown. Time and chronology are used here as a power tool to construct a first concept: the merge of the object and the subject.

By disconnecting the dogma we can start again in this second causality. We can renew our individuality without being troubled by our earlier concept in which God took away our responsibility. In this second concept God (the subject) negates it-self...

The third concept is only subject...